Romans 11:17-24 speaks of the “cultivated olive tree.” The branches grafted into the tree share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, a beautiful picture of the sustaining, communal life of the body of Christ. In the Greek, “cultivated olive tree” is a compound word, the part translated “cultivated” is kalos, which can mean good, useful, or beautiful.

We chose Kalos to represent this ministry as our heart is to assist in cultivating and nourishing the lives and ministries of student ministry leaders. Together we can build each other up, sharing nourishment from our past experiences, words of encouragement, and especially, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate goal is to be good and useful servants of Christ.

Kalos exists as a safe haven and community for church staff, volunteers, and anyone serving in student ministry to receive and share encouragement, resources, ideas, and insights. We know that often times, ministry is extremely challenging and it can be difficult to find support. Our goal is to build up a beautiful community that empowers and strengthens each member in their ministry, gifting, and calling.

Get to Know Us


We are Nick and Elise Mance, the husband and wife team behind Kalos. God cultivated in each of us a passion for youth ministry before bringing us together. Since getting married, God has continued to equip and guide us as we seek to minister to youth, families, and leaders. We cherish these opportunities and our heartbeat is to share our stories and experiences to help build up others within youth ministry.

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