Hi, I’m Elise Mance. I have been a volunteer youth leader–officially and unofficially–since I was a senior in high school. We rarely had consistent adult leaders in my youth group, which afforded me an opportunity to step up as a student leader. I didn’t appreciate it at 17, but it sparked a desire to be the kind of youth leader I had longed for as a student.

I absolutely love getting to know and serve students and currently am a high school small group leader at our church. Over the last year, I have also been drawn to opportunities to encourage and speak into the lives of other adult leaders, which has helped lead to Kalos.

My hope with Kalos is that I can share encouragement and resources with youth leaders across the globe. In particular, I hope to build up women in an effort to help them step into their calling.

In my spare time I enjoy creating art through hand lettering, photography, and drawing. I also enjoy writing, editing, design, and working on websites (like this one). I love studying and discussing Scripture with friends, hanging out with Nick and our cat Jade, reading and listening to podcasts, and sipping a cup of really good coffee.

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