I’m Nick Mance, and I have had the privilege of serving in various ministry capacities since my senior year in high school. I started as a volunteer in middle school ministry, became an intern, and have served in both part-time and full-time paid roles in multiple ministry positions.

My heart for youth was cultivated while I was in high school and witnessed countless youth workers love and care for me as I continually tried to push them away. They saw my pain and hurt, and in spite of my anger and resistance they loved and discipled me. It was in those moments that God began to pull me toward working in student ministry.

Currently I am a Pastor for Student Ministries and I oversee students from sixth grade through the end of college, and I wouldn’t trade this position for anything else! God has afforded me opportunities to speak around the country at various events and conferences, to help lead and facilitate camps and retreats, to speak into the lives of youth workers around the world, and to be a voice for student ministry in our culture.

While serving in student ministry I have seen the need for youth pastors and lay leaders to be encouraged and poured into because often times student ministry can feel isolated, marginalized, and overwhelming. In creating Kalos, my hope is that this is a place where leaders can be encouraged and equipped. I hope that you can come and shed the burden, and utilize Kalos as a safe place for you to be vulnerable, honest, and refreshed as we do ministry together.

When I am not hanging out with students and youth workers, I love to spend time with my wife Elise, write on my personal blog, cook and grill, enjoy the outdoors, drink coffee, and make candles…it is my form of decompression. Thanks for checking out our ministry, and know that we are praying for and championing you!

Nick works at the Hershey Free Church; however, the posts on this site are his own personal opinions. They are not read by nor approved by Hershey Free Church before posting and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Hershey Free Church.

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